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The Early Show is an American morning television program that aired on CBS from November 1, 1999 to January 7, 2012, and the ninth attempt at a morning news-talk program by the network since 1954.

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Feb 09, 2014 · It looked liked he was losing it , and doing a comb-over, and I saw him last night, and now it looks more real , and full . Anyone ?

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NEW YORK –In Greenwich Village, Gov. Andrew Cuomo presided over a wedding at the Stonewall Inn, a landmark in the fight for gay rights. It’s been a remarkable journey from a small, dingy jukebox bar to an iconic location in the fight for civil rights. In 1967, when the CBS News special “The

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“Pepsi and Coke, have been going at it eyeball to eyeball, and in my view the other guy just blinked,” said the president of rival Pepsi in 1985

Sep 10, 2017 · Why in the world is he an anchor? Only moderately good looking and a horrible reader.And that bed head. Is that supposed to be sexy? I mean, CBS employees multiple hair stylists and I turned on the

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Early life. The teen of Chinese immigrants, Julie Chen was born in Queens, New York City. Her grandman, Lou Gaw Tong, grew up “dirt poor” in the rural village of Penglai in the Fujian province of China, but became wealthy through a chain of grocery stores and ultimately became a polygamist with nine wives and 11 ren.

(Click on photo for larger view) Recognize anyone? In anticipation of becoming teen Scouts in the fall, Grand Island Brownies participated in …