Why Masturbation Is Bad

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Masturbation is a gateway drug to . It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease. – Lonnie s

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Listen to more podcast episodes here . Why Do People Like Anal Masturbation Anyway? As a woman, you might wonder whether or even how you could enjoy anal play, especially because you don’t have a prostate (discover how to stimulate the prostate) like a …

Nov 09, 2017 · “It could also be a kind of strange plausible deniability,” she said. “It’s a kind of disavowal, a kind of pernicious defense mechanism that allows a man to know that he did something on one level, but they are essentially telling themselves a story that they are not doing anything so bad.

More than half of woman-identifying people said masturbation leads to a better orgasm in a recent study.

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Masturbation definition, the stimulation or manipulation of one’s own genitals, especially to orgasm; sexual self-gratification. See more.

Learn how to have incredible orgasms using these powerful masturbation techniques. The detailed illustrations will show you exactly what to do.

It’s normal to masturbate (touch yourself for sexual pleasure) whether you’re sexually active or not. Masturbation has health benefits like reducing stress

It’s National Masturbation Month and it’s time to celebrate. After all, what is better than getting yourself off, turning yourself on and giving yourself mind-blowing orgasms in your lunch break? However, despite traditionally being known as something done on your own, masturbation is also an

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[First published April 2005] We all know someone who’s intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic?

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So why so much guilt? The profound pleasures of masturbation, which releases sexual tension and enables a man to learn about his body, is something to be honored.