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Exam Gloves Patient Applications. Use Latex Gloves for: handling hazardous substances and maximum stretchability. Use Vinyl Gloves for: handling biohazardous material, as an alternate to latex in case of allergic reaction, and for a low cost, economy exam glove.

WARNING! Workers exposed to latex gloves and other products containing natural rubber latex may develop allergic reactions such as skin rashes; hives; nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms; asthma; and (rarely) shock

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If you’re having trouble deciding which latex, vinyl, or nitrile glove is right for you, take a moment to read this fact sheet from Emerald Gloves

Nitrile Gloves: Safe substitute for latex made from synthetic allergy free compounds. Size Small thru Extra-Large of FDA, ADA and OSHA approved gloves.

Some people are allergic to latex, which is found in rubber gloves and other products, such as condoms and some medical devices. Doctors don’t know what causes it. Coming in contact with latex and rubber products over and over may be part of the reason why it happens. Rubber industry workers and

Allergy to proteins in natural rubber latex became a significant concern by the late 1980s. Fortunately however, the epidemic of new cases of latex allergy appears to have crested in …

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Latex is a milky sap produced by rubber trees. The sap is blended with chemicals during manufacturing to give latex its elastic quality. Natural rubber latex is often found in rubber gloves, condoms, balloons, rubber bands, erasers and toys. If you are allergic to latex your body treats latex as an

The latex in latex gloves can cause an allergic reaction, which usually takes the form of a skin irritation, but could on occasion develop into something much worse.

Source: Accessed 18 May 2011 I was surprised to learn that Kraft food handles all their food with latex gloves in the factory, which can deposit hidden latex on the food.

Allergic reactions to latex may be serious and can very rarely be fatal. If you have latex allergy you should limit or avoid future exposure to latex products.

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