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Bumps on back of tongue can develop due to many reasons. Read common causes and home remedies for red or whilte bumps on the back of tongue.

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Red bumps in the back of the throat can be part of your normal anatomy or a sign of a medical condition.Tonsils sit in the back of your mouth on either

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What are the Bumps on your tongue? Your tongue is used for many different everyday activities such as swallowing, talking, and tasting food. It is also referred to many times as the organ in your body that is the strongest.

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Read about the different types of abnormal growths and lesions that can be found in the mouth.

Different kinds of sore throats: viral, bacterial, and those caused by dryness — and things you can do about them.

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Find out what the white bumps in your throat are, how to get rid of them, and see some pictures of what they look like and how they compare to tonsillitis.

White bumps on tongue are white colored and often round shaped bumps that develop on the surface of the tongue due to factors like accidental injuries,

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Most lumps and bumps under the skin are harmless and can be left to clear on their own. A bump on anus can, however, be annoying, painful and embarrassing. In such cases, you will need to see your doctor so that the cause of the lump can be identified and the bumps removed.

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What causes white spots in mouth? Explore on the reasons for white patches in your mouth, small bumps that forms on tongue, throat, back, and on the roof of the mouth.

White lip bumps can have various causes, from aging to oral cancer. Understand your symptoms and learn about possible treatments and at-home care. We’ll show you photos to help identify the white bumps on your lips and the condition associated with the bumps.