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Vegan Cooking for Carnivores: Over 125 Recipes So Tasty You Won’t Miss the Meat [Quentin Bacon, Ellen DeGeneres, Roberto Martin, Portia de Rossi] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

When employees don’t get along at work, the manager is challenged. If she ignores the bickering, it won’t improve. Here are the steps she needs to take.

Harmonious Typography and Grids. What size should your fonts be? Do you need to use a grid? And what about vertical rhythm? I’m going to outline a process for answering all of those questions, speeding up the time it takes to arrive at consistent typography that matches your grid system, and minimizes thrashing.

A data governance plan doesn’t have to lead to a data police state. According to governance expert Anne Marie Smith, the data steward can help lead a …

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Introduction I remember reading an anecdote in Reader’s Digest a number of years ago entitled, “Keeping the Faith.” A Roman Catholic priest told of his encounter with a mugger in a dark alley—in back of the church at Notre Dame.

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On the next table over, the teens had gathered round to compare make-up tips, recipes, feminine-hygiene product information and gossip about their respective partners.

Yes, the number 13 has taken a bad rep throughout the ages, and some doesn’t even know what to think of the number, just that it is very unlucky.

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Arcadia has its present-day capital at Tripoli.It covers about 18% of the Peloponnese peninsula, making it the largest regional unit on the peninsula.

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Colby Cosh: Trans Mountain cries for help but Alberta’s bailout won’t save it The partisan clamour over whether Canada is still a country that can build mega-infrastructure in populated areas seems a little pointless to me.

A reader writes: I recently applied for and was promoted into a management position. I manage a team of nine people. We are all new to each other, and the

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